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New Partnersip With Lowko - Do Not Forget To Smile!

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SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA (October 27, 2015) – Today, we are proud to announce that we will be joining forces with prominent YouTube media personality ‘Lowko’ in an exciting new partnership. Lowko has managed to earn his own stars as a world-renowned content creator for the StarCraft 2 community. Thus, it is with great honour that we will be his official outfit supplier beginning October 2015.

Together with Lowko, our team has spent countless nights dreaming up epic designs that we’re sure Lowko fans and the gaming community alike will be proud of. Under this agreement, we will exclusively manufacture and supply all Lowko-branded apparel. Our very first design together bears his trademark catchphrase, ‘Do Not Forget to Smile’.

This partnership represents a turning point in our corporate strategy for the gaming culture apparel space – where we are the leading supplier of custom-designed apparel for gaming personalities and communities. Our strategic association will put us in a strong position to negotiate with suppliers and ultimately deliver the value that all gaming fans truly deserve.

With our alliance with Lowko, we intend to break away from our former role as a generic apparel manufacturer and refocus as a gaming branding platform for YouTube and Twitch gaming broadcasters. We feel this is a win-win for everyone – us, them and you – as it will enable these broadcasters to reach out to you guys, and demonstrate their appreciation with a
physical product.

This association will leverage on the strengths of both sides to facilitate a deeper connection between Lowko and his community, while enabling a new strategic direction for Ownaj as a company.

The affiliation expands Ownaj’s leadership within the gaming culture to provide quality apparel to the closely-knit StarCraft community. Ownaj already owns a long-term partnership with the well-known North American StarCraft 2 team, Team Ascension. We will begin shipping the Limited Edition Lowko T-shirt in early November.

About Ownaj Clothing Company

Ownaj Clothing Co. is a premium apparel company that designs, prints and manufactures high quality clothing for popular online gaming broadcasters. Starting life as a gaming apparel manufacturer, it has transitioned into focused partnership branding with leading personalities and communities within the gaming industry.

For further information, please visit: http://www.ownaj.com


About Lowko

Lowko is a prominent streaming media personality, whose real name is Simon Heijnen. Hailing from the Netherlands, he is most recognized for serving live footage of video game gameplay while providing live commentary to thousands of viewers in real-time.

For further information, go to: http://www.lowko.tv

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