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New Partnership with Vinesauce - Limited Edition Hoodies

Posted by Trevin Holloway on

If you're interested in a team of streamers playing all sorts of games, both new and retro, good and bad, then you'll be glad to hear this little tidbit of news! Ownaj is thrilled to announce our newest partnership with the Vinesauce, and we're doing so with a Limited Edition Hoodie!

At Ownaj, limited edition actually means something. A one-of-a-kind original creation to really show your love for our partners. We're dedicated to actually creating something unique, so our products are totally customized to be worthy of that unique label. Every part can be customized, even the draw strings! 

Since you surely know how awesome our hoodies are, there's no need to tell you more. But are you aware of our wonderful new partner? Vinesauce is a group of streamers that a variety of games, from new games to the old classics, maybe some you've never even heard of, and even just really terrible games that shouldn't ever see the light of day.

If you're just now hearing about them, go check 'em out on their team's Twitch channel! Or, if they're not up and around, you can go onto YouTube and check out their past broadcasts. In addition to getting a cool limited edition hoodie that shows how much you love the Vinesauce team, you'll also get that saucy hoodie delivered in a special Vinesauce box, each of which will be individually numbered!

Look forward to more of our upcoming partnerships and the sweet products we'll be creating together!


About Ownaj Clothing Company

Ownaj Clothing Co. is the premium apparel company that designs, prints and manufactures high quality clothing for popular online gaming broadcasters. Starting life as a gaming apparel manufacturer, it has transitioned into focused partnership branding with leading personalities and communities within the gaming industry.

For further information, please visit: http://www.ownaj.com

About Vinesauce

Vinesauce is a streaming media website established in 2010. The stream serves live footage of video game gameplay and live commentary by the streamer, Vinny, to thousands of viewers in real-time. Vinesauce is also host to other permanently recurring streamers and guests which have become well-known throughout the gaming community over the years.

For further information, go to: http://www.vinesauce.com

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