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New Partnership Announcement: Haydunn

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SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA (June 27th, 2016) – Today, we're proud to announce another partnership within the Pokemon community. This time, we’re partnering with well known YouTuber, Haydunn! Haydunn, who has enjoyed Pokemon since the gilded days of the first iterations, has detailed nearly all of his journeys through YouTube. Normally, you can find him on the ORAS Wifi battle, which allows for two players to duke it out against each other in an online Pokemon battle arena.

Designing and decisions are a huge part of the merchandise we sell, and we wanted to have a good first impression to his fans. We are excited to release his first shirt featuring Haydunn’s iconic logo, the Boo ghost from Mario topped off with the internet famed epic face. Let’s not forget, though, that we have Haydunn printed in metallic silver ink on the rear collar. Filled with traditional Haydunn colors, fans alike can show off their support for Haydunn, but wait! This shirt is a Limited Edition run available only 9 more days, so act fast or lose out on a specialty product!

With the addition of Haydunn, it allows us to continue branching out further within the Pokemon community and we are excited to show off what we can do as we bring more original merchandise to them. With your feedback and our skilled designers, we hope to bring the best of the best!

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Ownaj Clothing Co. is a premium apparel company that designs, prints and manufactures high quality clothing for popular online gaming broadcasters. Starting life as a gaming apparel manufacturer, it has transitioned into focused partnership branding with leading personalities and communities within the gaming industry.

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About Haydunn

Haydunn’s YouTube following goes way back, having been in the business for more than 8 years. His quick wit and thinking makes him excel in multiple showings against other players, which shows exemplary in his multiple ORAS WIFI Battle series.


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