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New Partnership Announcement: Haydunn

Publicado por Josh J en

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA (June 27th, 2016) – Today, we're proud to announce another partnership within the Pokemon community. This time, we’re partnering with well known YouTuber, Haydunn! Haydunn, who has enjoyed Pokemon since the gilded days of the first iterations, has detailed nearly all of his journeys through YouTube. Normally, you can find him on the ORAS Wifi battle, which allows for two players to duke it out against each other in an online Pokemon battle arena. Designing and decisions are a huge part of the merchandise we sell, and we wanted to have a good first impression to his fans. We are excited to release his first...

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New Partnership Announcement: Deluxe4

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SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA (June 16th, 2016) – Today, we are proud to announce that we will be joining forces with prominent media personality Deluxe4 in an exciting new partnership. Deluxe4, who built up his own fanbase from the ground up, can be seen on YouTube and streaming on Twitch, playing games such as GTA 5, CS:GO, and so forth. No doubt, it is a pleasure for us to join forces with him, as it has been a long awaited addition for us here at Ownaj! With him joining forces with Ownaj, it adds to the already growing list of media personalities we associate with....

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New Partnersip With Lowko - Do Not Forget To Smile!

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SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA (October 27, 2015) – Today, we are proud to announce that we will be joining forces with prominent YouTube media personality ‘Lowko’ in an exciting new partnership. Lowko has managed to earn his own stars as a world-renowned content creator for the StarCraft 2 community. Thus, it is with great honour that we will be his official outfit supplier beginning October 2015. Together with Lowko, our team has spent countless nights dreaming up epic designs that we’re sure Lowko fans and the gaming community alike will be proud of. Under this agreement, we will exclusively manufacture and supply...

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New Partnership with Vinesauce - Limited Edition Hoodies

Publicado por Trevin Holloway en

If you're interested in a team of streamers playing all sorts of games, both new and retro, good and bad, then you'll be glad to hear this little tidbit of news! Ownaj is thrilled to announce our newest partnership with the Vinesauce, and we're doing so with a Limited Edition Hoodie! At Ownaj, limited edition actually means something. A one-of-a-kind original creation to really show your love for our partners. We're dedicated to actually creating something unique, so our products are totally customized to be worthy of that unique label. Every part can be customized, even the draw strings!  Since you...

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