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New Partnership Announcement: Deluxe4

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SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA (June 16th, 2016) – Today, we are proud to announce that we will be joining forces with prominent media personality Deluxe4 in an exciting new partnership. Deluxe4, who built up his own fanbase from the ground up, can be seen on YouTube and streaming on Twitch, playing games such as GTA 5, CS:GO, and so forth. No doubt, it is a pleasure for us to join forces with him, as it has been a long awaited addition for us here at Ownaj!

With him joining forces with Ownaj, it adds to the already growing list of media personalities we associate with. Thus, with the creation of a new partnership, we have decided to release a Limited Edition t-shirt, with the man himself! Featuring aesthetics of the game CS:GO, it includes many parts of CS:GO's game play. This includes the fancy karambit "fade" skin, the bomb (vital part of CS:GO's competitive foray), the futuristic skin of the AK-47 the "Vulcan," and more (including a cartoonish D4)! Expect even more, though, as we look to unleash many outlandish products just for you!

As we further dig towards the growing Twitch and YouTube communities, we are here to build a deep connection and cater to the needs of his fans. With that being said, we hope you enjoy the Limited Edition shirt, as it will only be on sale for 1 more week before it's booked to the shelves!

View the D4: Limited Edition Shirt

About Ownaj

Ownaj Clothing Co. is a premium apparel company that designs, prints and manufactures high quality clothing for popular online gaming broadcasters. Starting life as a gaming apparel manufacturer, it has transitioned into focused partnership branding with leading personalities and communities within the gaming industry.

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About Deluxe4

YouTuber and Twitch streamer, the man is known for his very eccentric stream persona, where he brings in the interest with a very likable personality. Approaching any game with a lighthearted personality.


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